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Please be careful to give credit where credit is due. If the recipe is your own invention – great! If not, but you think the recipe it worth promoting, then let me know the link to the original recipe, so I can promote it. If you are modifying someone else’s recipe, it should be called ‘adapted from …’ and if you are changing a recipe substantially, you should say it is inspired by…’ Give me the link to the original recipe and definitely write the instructions the way you cook it and do not copy the recipe word for word.

If you are unsure here is a link to an article on a more detailed guide to copyright and recipes:



There are a few guidelines with recipes featured by myself or contributed by you on this site:

  • It is assumed that in everybody’s store cupboard there will be salt, pepper and some sort of cooking oil (be it 1 cal spray, olive oil etc). Therefore these are not included in the 8. Having researched this point and asked many people for their opinion, this was deemed as fair, and the most likely ingredients that anyone would have.
  • Recipes should be as healthy as possible but must be tasty. Double cream is banned from this site! Sorry Nigella. Half-fat crème fraiche, natural yoghurt and the like, are preferred to be used instead. Fresh herbs are encouraged as I believe these really add the WOW factor to many meals. Fish, quorn and lighter meats such as chicken are also preferred but this is not to say that other meats cannot be used.
  • Recipes should not have ingredients that would be hard to source from your nearest medium / large supermarket. Therefore ethnic ingredients are fine so long as they are readily available and you don’t have to go the other side of town to buy them.
  • Also in these times of austerity, items should not cost the earth i.e large amounts of fillet of beef is not encouraged. Whilst thriftiness is encouraged it should be at the expense of taste, where a few extra pounds spend of some secret ingredient can make the difference between a fairly average recipe and one which is a real crowd pleaser.

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