About the girl behind Just8 – a Glasgow based food blog. 

I’ve always grown up around a lot of cooking and baking, this being a favourite past-time of both my mother and late grandmother. Probably some of my earliest memories are of family meals and baking. I’m sure this is where my interest in cooking comes from. I love to be creative when I’m cooking and experiment with different flavours and recipes.


About Just8 recipes

Ever fed up of lifting up a recipe book, looking for inspiration only to find that many of the recipes have far too many ingredients? Or maybe you buy a new cookery book but can only use three or four of the recipes due to the multitude of ingredients in the others. Here is a site that gives you recipes that are quick and tasty with no more than 8 ingredients.

Another feature of this site is that you can contribute your favourite recipe ideas. This way it will not just be my chosen recipes on this blog and should give a good, balanced variety of ideas.

I don’t think that recipes need a multitude of ingredients to taste good. Be smart and you only need to pick out the key ingredients to make a mouth-watering dinner. Sometimes cooking is like a cluttered room – less ingredients can be more, if you pick out the right ones.

I am quite open-minded with regards to food and ways of cooking. I was lucky enough, to live in Sri Lanka for a year. When there, I remember people would curry anything from fish to banana, whatever they had available to them. I think that in these times of austerity this is particularly relevant to us. People do not want to spend the earth when they go food shopping. In fact many of us are finding that we want to get better at making do with whatever we have in the fridge.

In regards to the method of cooking, I always like the least complicated way.  I think these days recipes can be too fussy, have too many steps and there is too much emphasis put on specifying the ‘correct’ order for ingredients to be added. People can be wary that if they do not follow a recipe to the last letter, everything will be ruined or certainly not turn out ‘perfect’. I believe that often ingredients can be added at the same time and it really makes no difference. If the instructions are too intricate, the recipe may only be sampled once (if at all) and then be resigned to the back of the recipe journal or dusty book shelf, only to be superseded by the cook’s favourite easy recipe.

The idea of this blog is to widen my, your, everyone’s repertoire with tasty, relatively healthy, easy recipes.



About Just8 Restaurant Reviews

I will also review restaurants, as often these are the sources of inspiration for trying out different recipes. This is an opportunity for a treat and doesn’t need to adhere to the Just 8 ingredient philosophy.  I am based in Glasgow but like to take the opportunity to go to other places to try a good restaurant. As a lover of food I love trying out a restaurant, be it one of the old favourites or one of the new hot places to try out in town.



  • excellent! I like your view of cooking! I love being creative on food as well! Hand shaking!

  • Love your website. Can’t wait for you to help us cook something inspirational from your reviews when you come to Newcastle.

    • Hey!!!
      Awesome – glad you like it! 🙂 Is a fun wee project. Looking forward to seeing you in Newcastle in a few weeks. Maybe we could add one of your favourite dishes to the site – Amelia’s Ace Something-or-other… 😉 Have a think! xxx

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