Martin’s Pitta Pizzas

2015-01-07 18.53.04

PIZZA is invariably a popular meal. However, I’m always horrified by the calorie count and saturated fat content in a bought supermarket pizza. Here is an easy way that Martin makes a pizza without an abundance of calories and bad fat. Instead of using pizza dough he uses pitta bread which is a much healthier option than pizza dough.

You can easily make a pitta pizza with only 7 ingredients.  You really only need: pitta bread, tomato sauce, a small amount of cheese and your favourite topping. Martin’s favourite topping at the moment is mushroom and spinach. We are using frozen vegetables more and more now in an attempt to have less food waste but fresh vegetables would work just as well on this pizza. Just cook them a bit first.

It is an easy and fun meal to make as you can be really creative with the topping to suit your individual taste. It is a pretty quick meal – takes only 15 minutes. Quicker than getting a pizza delivered!

Be creative, healthy and keep pizza on the menu!


Ingredients (for 2 people):

3 wholewheat pitta breads (1.5 each!)

250g Passata – (for the tomato sauce)

2 tsp garlic olive oil

2 tsp basil olive oil

60g feta cheese

4 clumps of frozen spinach

1 handful of frozen mushrooms



1. Add 250g of Passata, 2 tsp of garlic olive oil and 2 tsp of basil garlic oil. Simmer for 2 mins. This makes a tomato sauce for the topping. However, you could use fresh chopped garlic and basil instead of the flavoured oils.

At the same time on the other side of the pan I cook/defrost my mushrooms and spinach! (Trying to cut down on the washing up).

2015-01-06 21.38.09

2. Add tomato sauce to pitta bread and spread across it fairly evenly.

2015-01-06 21.44.11

3. Add your topping! Feta cheese, mushrooms and spinach were used for these ones.

2015-01-07 18.53.04

4. Place under medium hot grill for about 5 mins and/or wait for cheese to brown like a toasted marshmallow.

2015-01-06 21.54.00


Just8 Tip  – we often do these two nights in a row as we have pitta bread and passata already opened and needing to be finished. There are never any complaints!