Thai Green Curry Kit – Morrisons

2014-12-06 15.04.59

I just wanted to say that this wee kit is fantastic . I haven’t been asked to review it, in case you are wondering. I just wanted to tell everyone how great I found it to cook with. Simple to use and provides an extremely tasty meal.

It is so simple to use because it takes the hassle and expense out of chopping up loads of herbs and buying a myriad of spices (that you will probably only use occasionally). And it tastes great! It is full of flavour and a little spicy – just enough to make your lips tingle but not enough to make you think about taking a big gulp of water. It contains a ready made paste and a wee pot of desiccated coconut and spices to sprinkle on the dish to finish it off.

I used this with two chicken breasts, red pepper, mushrooms, fresh coriander and half a can of reduced fat coconut milk. I served it with rice. That’s about 7 or 8 ingredients altogether! However, with this kit you can be really flexible with the ingredients you use – beef, spinach, Brussels sprouts (only joking ;-)) would all be good alternative ingredients.

So, if you want to impress your other half with your Thai curry making skills, this is the business! Available in Morrisons for £1.59.

2014-12-06 15.04.59